Lifelong Learning Opportunities

We believe that a more perfect union requires a more serious discourse.

Our academic programs complement this goal. And for those who share it, it’s a lifetime commitment. We offer many educational programs for anyone who craves truth and knowledge—at any age. We extend an open invitation to study with Hillsdale faculty whether you live in Michigan, 横跨美国, 或者世界上任何地方.

The timeless themes that are the foundation of our core curriculum are core to becoming an educated citizen. Explore these universal truths through our free, on-demand online courses—they’re designed for those who want to continue to learn and study great texts beyond credits.


拉里·P. Arnn filming Online Course about Public Policy.

Center for Constructive Alternatives (CCA)




这是其中一个 最大的大学系列讲座 in America, held on our campus four times a year. 杰出的学者, 记者, 文化批评, and policy makers weigh in on topics ranging from the films of Frank Capra to monetary policy, and guest speakers have included statesmen, 政治学家, 历史学家, 小说家, 经济学家, 外交政策专家, 和更多的. All lectures are free and open to the public, but reservations are required.



经营旅馆 are learning vacations where you can experience college all over again—college as it was meant to be. Spend time with others who love lifelong learning as much as you do, and discuss the great ideas and principles that sustain our country with some of Hillsdale College’s most distinguished professors. We offer programs on our campus in southern Michigan, at our 罗克韦尔湖小屋 in the Lower Peninsula, and at our Kirby Center in Washington D.C.





Our free monthly speech digest is dedicated to promoting the principles of civil and religious liberty. Drawn from speeches delivered at Hillsdale College-hosted events, 首先 is one of the most widely circulated opinion publications in the nation, 读者超过六百万.



These seminars are held nationwide and address important issues facing modern American society. Since 1982 these programs have been attended by more than twenty thousand community and business leaders.

Explore 国家领导研讨会

Speaker at podium during a National 领导 Seminar.


Lecturer during a 自由市场论坛.

Our programs promote understanding and appreciation of free market systems by assembling scholars for dynamic exchanges of ideas on topics related to free market economics.

Explore 自由市场论坛 Seminars


The 优秀教师中心 (CTE) builds on Hillsdale College’s mission through seminars of classical curricula and subject mastery. Programs are open to middle- and high-school teachers.

Explore Teacher Excellence Programs

Kirby Center lecture, Congressman, Representative Paul Ryan, American idea



Golden Gate bridge in background of cruise ship.

What could be better than touring the most beautiful and culturally enriching destinations around the world? Learn from leading scholars, political leaders, and 记者 during your journey!



Twenty receptions around the country each year provide opportunities to mingle with citizens and prospective students in your area. Each lunch and evening program features a short presentation by President Larry Arnn.

视图招待会 & 档案

Larry Arnn giving lecture at a reception.